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Entretien avec Jacques de Guillebon (I) : Caelum et Terra

Jacques de Guillebon est directeur-délégué du mensuel La Nef, et l'auteur de deux essais parus aux Presses de la Renaissance (Nous sommes les enfants de personne et La France excédée). Marié et père de famille, c'est un jeune écrivain au talent déjà remarqué dont il n'hésite pas à faire profiter ce blogue en intervenant lors de certaines discussions. C'est à la suite de l'une de ces discussions consacrée au mariage des chrétiens que je lui ai proposé de répondre aux questions. Comme pour tous ceux qui ont bien voulu se prêter à cet exercice, Jacques de Guillebon n'engage [suite...]

Date: 2007-03-06 09:00:00

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Hindu Wisdom - Dwarka (The Book)

Offshore exploration of the legen-dary city at Dwaraka was resumed in 1988 and continued through 1990, further seaward of the Temple of Samudranardyana (Sea God) at Dwaraka with a view to trace the plan and extent of the port-city and the purpose of the massive stone walls built on the banks of ancient Gomati. It was also necessary to ascertain whether its architectural features were in conformation with the description of the city of Dwaraka given in the epic Mahabharata. A second object was to obtain more corroborative evidence for reclamation referred to in the epic. Thirdly, the nick [suite...]

Date: 2010-08-03 10:36:00

Al-Andalus Collection [20]. Wallada - Ibn Zaydun

Dary iraq al-ajam: Cuando caiga la tarde - When night falls Dary hidyaz: La separación - The separation Ibn Zaydún Moaxaja modo hidyaz: Enamorado nostálgico - Nostalgic lover Taqsim y muwwal hidyaz: Pasa tus miradas - Cast your eyes Qa'im was-nisf hidyaz kabir: Si tu sintieras por mi - If you felt for me 2. Desengaños y reproches - Disappointment and reproachesWallada Dary rasd: Enamorado de Júpiter - In love with Jupiter Anon. Twishya de la núba rasd: Entre nosostros - Between us Ibn Zaydún Quddam rasd: Un secreto - A secret Inshad rasd: Tras la ausencia - After the absence Anon. [suite...]

Date: 2008-07-26 04:33:00

Religions in Iran | Iran Travel & Tour Services

Pazand was also written later to explain Zand in Dary Persian. All through the history, Zoroastrians have believed in three principles: good thought, good words and good deeds. During the first half of the 3rd century A.D, an Iranian noble man called “Mani”, started Manichaeism. He declared his mission and began from Persia and found some followers from Syria, Egypt, North Africa to France and Spain. In the 2nd half of the same century, he was killed in Sassanians’ prison. He wrote six books in east Aramaic and Pahlavi. “Mazdak” started his religious, political movement around the [suite...]

Date: 2005-02-14 08:00:00


A listener calls up with a big one: Gary Condit. Before 9/11, Senator Gary Condit and his suspected murder of Chandra Levy was the huge story. After 9/11, of course, that all went away. The public stopped caring. And, the police decided that they had bigger fish to fry, Dave adds. Who else benefitted from 9/11, the crew wonders? Well, Rudolph Giuliani certainly did, Adam says. He was in the middle of a huge divorce scandal that pretty much went away. Also, of course, any entertainer that impersonates Osama Bin Laden in made-for-TV movies. 6:57 NEWS Teresa covers the news. An American embassy [suite...]

Date: 2006-09-12 16:56:14

I interrupt my slide show for these guys (and gal): about half my ...

Poetry, poetics, with occasional forays into other arts and politics I interrupt my slide show for these guys (and gal): about half my class on our final day (last Wednesday) of the spring term... let's see: from L to R, Jean from Cameroun, Choun Ming from Laos/France, Shadi from Syria, Bao Ming from China, Svilen from Bulgaria, Rodman from Costa Rica, Dary from Cambodia, Mohamed from Morocco, and this other guy -- can't remember his name -- from this exotic place called Ontario. We had fun together learning English all year (and yes, I learned from them)... I love you all, and this slide [suite...]

Date: 2008-07-01 13:45:00

各国 CDM 主管机构(非附件一国家 )_tzbyw_新浪博客

Oficina argentina del Mecanismo para un Desarollo Limpio Address:Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo SustentableSan Martín 459, Piso 4, oficina 441C 1004AAI, Buenos Aires o [suite...]

Date: 2010-07-04 04:27:26

Moroccan Movie "Casanegra", A True Gem

The Leadership Council is concerned for Sidi Mouloud’s safety, as Omar Mansour and Brahim Ghali, two [suite...]

Date: 2009-02-19 16:39:42

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